NEW YORK - All three public library systems in New York City announced on Monday that it will end a service contract that allowed cardholders to watch over 30,000 films for free.

The New York Public Library, Queens Public Library, and Brooklyn Public library will stop providing Kanopy on July 1.

Officials cited cost as the reason for the move.

"The Library made this decision after a careful and thorough examination of its streaming offerings and priorities. We believe the cost of Kanopy makes it unsustainable for the Library, and that our resources are better utilized purchasing more in-demand collections such as books and e-books," said Caryl Matute, The New York Public Library's Interim Chief Branch Library Officer in a statement.

Under Kanopy's model, the service is free for library patrons. However, the library is charged two dollars per play, which is counted after 30 seconds of play. Without a cap, library officials say costs can quickly escalate. 

Accoring to the New York Public Library, out of its two million cardholders, only 25,000 used the service. 

It is currently searching for an alternative video streaming service. 

NY1 reached out to Kanopy for comment.