Mayor de Blasio is on the campaign trial in South Carolina this weekend, meeting today with local leaders and attending a Planned Parenthood event with many of his fellow presidential candidates.

The South Carolina Democratic Party is holding its convention, drawing most of the 2020 candidates to the city of Columbia.

South Carolina is crucial in the presidential election process as they are the fourth state to nominate their candidate.

The mayor kicked things off this morning at what was meant to be a gathering of African American leaders.

15 people showed up to hear de Blasio speak, three of whom asked to take pictures of him with a Lego figurine.

De Blasio was out late last night speaking at Congressman Jim Clyburn's Fish Fry along with his 2020 competitors.

When on stage, he talked about his campaign slogan, which the mayor says is putting working people first.

"The government is not on the side of working people. We have no such illusion. We have to make a change. In New York I have proven that it doesn’t have to be a government by and for the one percent. In New York we listen to the people and we have given things to working people that they deserve. We put money back in the hands of working people, we need to put money back in the hands of South Carolinians and Americans everywhere," the Mayor said.

While de Blasio will face large crowds today at the Democratic convention and Planned Parenthood forum, he has struggled getting people to come out for his own events.

The mayor will also be looking to make an impression at the first democratic debate next week.