On a busy strip of Staten Island's south shore, a roadside stand is dedicated to all things Donald Trump.

Want a Make America Great Again hat? Got it. A Trump-Pence 2020 shirt? Got that, too.

One man told us, "It's pay day! I wanted to get a couple things, know what I'm saying?"

The stand has been making its way around Staten Island in recent weeks. A retired veteran named Ambrose - he would not give us his first name - is selling the Trump merch on this day. He works for Rocky Granata, who mostly lives in a trailer that he drives across the country, encouraging people to support the president.

Staten Island, he says, is a natural stop on that route. It overwhelmingly supported Trump in the 2016 election, the only borough in the city to do so.

"A lot of people that came out that supported Trump. So they're saying how much there's hatred for Trump, but I could tell you there's a lot of love for Trump," Granata said in a phone interview.

The point seems well taken. Even on this rainy, windy day, a steady stream of Trump fans stop by looking for specific merchandise.

A man named Anthony told us he was looking for "One of the shirts or the hats; maybe a big flag."

And even when they're not stopping, Trump supporters toot their support with their car horns. 

Some of the best sellers include a flag with language that we can't say on television, and a Trump bobblehead.

Ambrose says they make about $200 a day. But making money, its owner says, isn't really the point. Rocky Granata says he wants to get Donald Trump re-elected.

The stand doesn't have a permanent home, and sometimes, it even moves several times a day. And no matter where it ends up, its location is always someplace that's deemed Trump-friendly.

"Even though they tell you that they're going to kill you or throw a bottle at you or threaten the worst things in your life, I have no problem standing up to anybody and telling them that we love you and then trying to get a communication going," Granata told us.

We did hear a couple of drivers shout obscenities as they passed by. Granata says that doesn't happen often, especially in places like Staten Island's South Shore, where there is much love for the president.