Keith Raniere’s crime spree has ended and his victims — some who have waited decades — will finally see justice. He was found guilty of all charges.

"Finally, finally. It’s been a long time," said Toni Natalie, Raniere's former girlfriend. 

Natalie and actress Catherine Oxenberg, mother of former NXIVM member India Oxenberg, stood next to each other to hear the verdict inside the courtroom.

"It was important. I didn’t realize how important it was," Catherine said.  

The two say they’re bookends. Natalie started speaking out about Raniere decades ago. Today was a full circle for them both.

"You can’t fool a New Yorker ... They saw it. They saw it in the evidence and these great witnesses that came forward and spilled their souls," Catherine and Natalie said.

That testimony included a woman confined to a Clifton Park room for two years and former high ranking members who had enough. 

Raniere’s defense says he is hard to understand and a courtroom isn’t the place to fully learn who he is. 

Raniere’s attorneys have already said they will be filing an appeal. Right now, he is scheduled to be sentenced September 25 — weeks after sentencing for Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack.