Nine city council members, including Robert Holden, Eric Ulrich and Peter Koo, signed a letter addressed to Mayor de Blasio to fire Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza.

They claim Carranza hires DOE workers by prioritizing diversity over quality.

The council members said Carranza "focuses on skin tone instead of efficiency" and the employees he has hired are divisive.

The council members claim Carranza has failed to establish a comprehensive academic agenda and has not taken their criticism into account.

In the past, Carranza claimed any criticism leveled against his hiring practices was because he is a person of color.

Carranza is also facing a lawsuit from three former female DOE employees, claiming they were pushed aside for less qualified people of color.

The letter says, in part, “If Chancellor Carranza continues to divide this city, then someone who can unite this city and provide a quality education for all should replace him.”

“It’s a sad day for New York City kids when lawmakers care more about seeing their names in the press than about our school system. This racially-charged smear campaign is the only thing dividing our city and anyone backing it should be ashamed,” the mayor's press secretary said in a response. “We stand with Chancellor Carranza and thank him for all he’s doing to bring Equity and Excellence to all our kids.”