"It's literally nauseating to the point where you can't, you can't disregard the smell," says Tamara Samilienko, who works across the street from the Bismillah Live Poultry Market in Woodside.

She says there is no escaping the foul odors from the slaughterhouse, which is located on 55th St. near 37th Ave..

"I burn essential oils and all kinds of stuff,” she says. “It just doesn't mask it or cover it in anyway."

She's tried documenting the conditions for three years, even shooting videos of pickups by a private waste hauler.

One of the videos shows a driver picking up waste from the plant. “I go to other chicken places and it's never like this. It's the worst smell out of all the other **** I pick up," he says.

Samilienko says images of animal guts and feces on the sidewalk are all too common: "They do wash them down the sewer and then the sewers back up. And it's just a continual thing; it's been going on for years."

Miguel Rosa says his company was forced to move its headquarters three blocks away because workers could no longer stomach having their office next to the slaughterhouse.

"I think they're having a hard time right now selling the facility or even leasing the facility. Yeah, it's impacted a lot around here," Rosa says.

But the owner of the slaughterhouse rejects the complaints. He says he's been here for 17 years and it wasn't until new businesses moved in recently that people started complaining.

"They don't like us. They keep complaining on us with no reason, with no reason. That's a kind of discrimination," says Salam Bhuiyan, the owner of Bismillah Live Poultry.

He insists the animals are being treated well.

"Inside, the chicken we give food, water, kept maintain well. That's all I can say," he adds.

At least three agencies are responsible for enforcement here.

The city Department of Environmental Protection says it issued violations last year for improper disposal of waste in the sewers. The agency said another inspection was done recently, but the results were not immediately available.

And the Sanitation Department says Bismillah received three summonses in the past year for a dirty area.

New York State’s Agriculture Department is responsible for inspections of the facility itself. Its most recent inspection cited unsatisfactory conditions, including inadequate caging of animals and sanitation problems. 

But Samilienko and others who work nearby say whatever oversight is taking place is not nearly enough.