The city will start banning cars from most of 14th Street in Manhattan on July 1st.

This is being done to speed up bus service.

The plan was first announced in April.

Under the program only buses and trucks will be allowed to use 14th Street between Third and Ninth Avenues.

Cars will be able to make pick-ups and drop offs on 14th, but they have to make a right at the next intersection and will notbe allowed to make left turns.

Transit officials say the changes will help buses move through the busy streets.

"You can’t park in a bus lane. It's selfish. It holds up on a bus route as busy as this. We’re certainly pressing to have forward-facing cameras on our buses. We're in legislation at the moment to see if we can get more enforcement and truly give our buses a fighting chance of getting through very crowded streets," said Transit President Andy Byford.

Buses and trucks will have a new priority lane along the street, and left turns will not be permitted along the street.

The restrictions will be in place every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.