BROOKLYN, N.Y. - A plan to expand bike lanes in Bay Ridge led to some heated words at a community board meeting Thursday night.

Some attendees expressed their opposition to the idea, with some suggesting that cyclists routinely break traffic laws.

Cyclists are asking for more protected bike lanes in the Brooklyn neighborhood.


But some residents can't see where the lanes will fit on roadways like Third Avenue, which are already packed with traffic, delivery trucks and double parkers.

"When bicyclists get into the bike lanes they feel like they own the street, they don't abide by any of the traffic laws, they go through red lights they go through stop signs," said one resident.

"I think the bike travel can be safer and on the whole it makes the community traveling experience safer," said another resident.

Transportation officials want to create a bike network in Bay Ridge with five cycling routes running east to west and four going north to south.

The full community board will have to make its recommendation to the city before any plan becomes final.