She's got talent to spare. Jackie Evancho first gained notice as a child singing on America's Got Talent. But her early love was musical theater, and after some ups and downs she's finding a home on in NYC's Theater District.

"I actually started singing because of a Broadway show, the Phantom of the Opera, and it really just inspired me, the beautiful score and characters I fell in love with it and from there on I started singing around eight years old and then I was on America's got talent at 10 and then since then I've been singing music and living my dream" she said.

After singing pop and some classical crossover, the now 19-year-old singer is performing a Broadway-inspired show at the supper club Feinstein's 54 Below. She's belting our favorites from Rent, Once, Wicked and of course Phantom of the Opera.

She also has new album of Broadway favorites, titled The Debut, an unusual title for someone who's been in show business for more than a decade but there is a certain logic to it.

"This was the first album that I was an adult for and also got to be treated like an adult for I finally had to say in the creative process," she explained.

We caught Jackie's first performance in New York City as an adult at 54 Below. She sold out.

54 Below has already invited her back to sing again June 11th.

Evancho is now talking freely about her struggles with an eating disorder, and with social media. "I mean you won't even get concerts booked unless you have a specific amount of followers but at the same time you put yourself out there and you put this vulnerable side of you out there and you constantly have haters and it also puts you in the eye of people who are incredibly dangerous."

As for the future, this power house is auditioning for shows in her new neighborhood.

"I definitely got a lot of people saying you can't just show up and I just thought, well I'm not exactly trying to just show up. I'm just trying to do what my heart is telling me to do and really exemplify my love for this new world of Broadway and the only way I know how is music," Evancho said.

From America's Got Talent to Broadway, a path paved with songs.