A lacrosse ball may be all it takes to form a brotherhood.  

Some students play for different teams, but their love for the sport brings them together. 

The Montclair Boys Lacrosse is hosting members of Harlem Lacrosse for the first time. Harlem Lacrosse is a non-profit organization, which aims to empower at-risk youth through coaching on the field and in the classroom. 

Students who participated in Saturday's program are from Fredrick Douglas Academy in Harlem and M.S. 223 in the Bronx. 

"I just ask what their name is? How long have they been playing? And do they wanna be my friend?" said player Israel Ayala.

"It's huge for our kids’ lives, a lot of them coming from broken homes coming to lacrosse practice and making them feel like a family," said Harlem Lacrosse Program Director Drew Jenkins. 

Harlem Lacrosse Players visit different teams across the region as part of their program. But Montclair players say they have just as much to gain from the experience. All the students participating range from 6th grade to 8th grade. 

"More social, more teamwork skills and get you ready for high school," said Montclair lacrosse player Rayel Hunter.

Students don’t just bond on the field, kids from Harlem Lacrosse actually stay overnight with families from Montclair Lacrosse at their homes.

"It's more than just lacrosse, it's breaking bread and spending the night and doing all things that families do together," said Tom Schmitt, who is the President of Montclair Lacrosse.

"Something we can all relate to is a love of lacrosse, so it's super cool," said Montclair Lacrosse Student Graham Coakley. 

"We get to learn more new information from each other, and how to play the game," said Harlem Lacrosse Player Jomar Perez. 

Harlem Lacrosse was founded in 2011 and now serves more than 850 kids. Montclair plans to host the event annually.​