Governor Cuomo celebrated this Mother's Day by honoring city moms and signing a bill he says will keep their children safe.

The bill will increase the number of speed cameras in school zones by five times.

Currently, there are 140 cameras citywide and that number will jump to 750.

Hours of operation will also be extended from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The governor was joined by a mother who lost her son in a speed-related crash.

He says since the installation of speed cameras five years ago, the number of fatalities in school zones have dropped.

"We passed the speed camera bill. We know that it saved lives. It is so essential,” Cuomo said. “Today, we are honoring motherhood. We are protecting the next generation of children, creating a safe passage to school, changing the culture of reckless driving so that other mothers will get to raise their children."

Governor Cuomo says there will be many signs warning drivers to slow down.

Those who do not abide will receive a $50 fine.