NEW YORK - The City Council this week passed a bill that closes a real estate loophole nicknamed for Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Critics say the so-called "Kushner loophole" encourages landlords to file false paperwork to avoid scrutiny that could stop them from using construction to drive out tenants.

The Council vote follows a report that found Kushner's family real estate company claimed it had no rent-regulated tenants in dozens of buildings when it actually had hundreds. 

The Kushner bill was part of a package of legislation approved by the Council to strengthen tenant protections.

"The housing crisis has a lot to do with some of the tactics implemented by landlords to displace tenants, to turn over the units. So, we're really trying to be responsible in our oversight responsibilities and make sure that we're keeping people in their homes and their communities," said City Council member Carlina Rivera.

The Council also passed a bill requiring owners of multiple buildings to provide tenants with the past four years of rent history.

The bills now go to Mayor Bill de Blasio for his signature.