NEW YORK - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is touting a major jump in on-time subway performance.

The Transit Authority says more than 78 percent of trains arrived on time on weekdays last month.

That's up from 65 percent in March of 2018.

It's also the highest on-time performance rate the MTA has seen in nearly six years.

Officials credit the increase to a number of campaigns aimed at improving service.

"Service is getting better. The increase from 65 percent to 78, almost 80. That's a 20 percent increase in on time performance and what we're giving New Yorkers back is time and that's the most valuable resource," said MTA Chairman Pat Foye.

The Subway Action Plan was launched in 2017, with the goal of taking extraordinary measures to improve the system.

They include signal repairs, installing more countdown clocks and informing commuters of changes in service.