Cathie Vetrano clutched a photo of her daughter Karina a day after a Brooklyn man was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering the 30-year-old as she jogged in a Queens park.

"This is not a celebration. My daughter is still gone, it doesn't change that she died a horrible death, there is nothing good about this other than justice is served," said Cathie Vetrano.

The jury deliberated just five hours Monday before convicting Chanel Lewis on all counts, after an initial trial in November ended with jurors deadlocked.

This time jury foreman Brian Morrissey said there was no room for reasonable doubt.

"The evidence was overwhelming. It was a slam dunk case, people keep saying we reached it so quickly but it was a slam dunk case the evidence was there," added Morrissey.

The Vetranos thanked jurors and prosecutors for bringing their daughter justice, adding they wanted nothing more.

"It was a blessed gathering of the truth put before people who were willing to be honest with no agendas other than that a beautiful young woman, an innocent young woman a death that no one would ever want," said Cathie Vetrano.

Lewis twice confessed to attacking Vetrano in Spring Creek Park.

Prosecution witnesses said traces of his DNA were found on her neck, her cellphone, and beneath her fingernails.

But the defense called the confessions coerced, the police work sloppy and the DNA evidence inconclusive.

It denounced the verdict, saying: "This is a complete miscarriage of justice. Judge Aloise also kept jurors for well over 12 hours – an unprecedented action – to extract a verdict. Our client did not receive a fair trial.”

The Vetranos say they have no ill will toward anyone but Lewis and take comfort that he will be imprisoned.

And now with a conviction, they say they can focus on keeping their daughter's memory alive.

"All the anger, all the years of pain but mostly the anger was gone because now my baby has justice," said Karina's father Phill Vetrano.

Lewis faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced on April 17.

The defense is promising to appeal.