BRONX, N.Y. - Spring is here and Yankee Stadium is about to come alive for another baseball season. But there's another lineup that Yankees fans can get excited about. No pinstripes, just piping hot food. Part of a revamped menu at the ballpark. 

“We have a top level team, a top level building. We want to make sure the food is always constantly evolving and changing. And making sure that we’re up to current trends," said Matt Gibson, Senior Executive Chef.

Gibson and the team's hospitality staff spent the off season reworking the menu. This year, the rookie dishes look promising including Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwiches, barbecue ribs and Big Mozz’s mozzarella sticks wrapped in a pizza crust.

"It’s surreal and just really cool to be a part of the whole organization here. They have amazing food now at the stadium and they’ve really stepped up their game and we’re happy to be part of it," said Matt Gallira, Big Mozz's founder.

They Yankees declined to give the cost of most of the new items but said four mozzarella sticks will set you back $12. 

Yankee fans will also be able to enjoy the Blue Point Brewing Company’s specially crafted "NY Pinstripe Pilsner" or the tres leches milkshake, which fans got to enjoy last September during Hispanic Heritage Month. The sweet concoction that's accompanied by a churro caught on and so its been added to the roster.

But if there's one new menu item getting attention it's Bareburger's new vegan option called the Change-Up. The plant-based patty promises to win over some meatlovers. 

"It chews, it tastes and it bleeds just like beef," said Rudy Ramos, Vegan Culinary Director for Bareburger.

The new dishes make their debut on March 28 at the home opener against the Baltimore Orioles.