It was a receptive crowd as dozens of Queensbridge residence gathered for a town hall meeting with Lynne Patton who resumed her NYCHA tour at the housing complex this week. Queensbridge is the largest in the country.

“We feel that she’s going to be able to do something. We hope,” a Queensbridge resident said.

“You can’t criticize someone who didn’t do the job done yet. They’re not giving her a chance and then they say she’s Trump so what regardless. If she is here and can get the job done. Let the lady come here and get the job done right,” another resident said.

Patton, the Trump administration’s regional housing administrator, toured several apartments with April Simpson, the tenant association president who she also stayed with this week. While many people were receptive to the tours other residents were not happy.

“You can’t judge people by just their affiliation. I’m not saying yay or nay for Miss Patton like she’s definitely going to deliver a proof is in the putting she said give her 6 to 8 months we waited all this time so let’s see what happens,” said April Simpson, President of the Queensbridge Houses Tenant Association.

Simpson said there are already improvements. Some of the open work orders are being addressed and workers cleaned up the complex in the ways they haven’t before in anticipation of the visit. Patton promised that people would start to see real changes in 6 to 8 months, but many were skeptical. Others remain cautiously optimistic.

“Give me a chance. I am making promises to you as myself. I have been meeting with the federal monitor the reason I have been doing this is not for publicity. I have enough of that. The reason I’m doing this is that I can relay the systematic failures of NYCHA directly to the federal monitor. I’ve met with him four times since he’s been appointed,” Patton said.

Next week, Lynne Patton will be in Brooklyn but she did promise the folks here at the Queensbridge residents that she would be back for a meeting with the federal monitor in May.