It was another close call for a driver on Roosevelt Avenue after a large piece of debris fell from the number 7 train striking the car and damaging the windshield.

After the incident MTA workers welded and pulled down pieces of rusted metal from under the track where sources say the debris fell from. Luckily the driver wasn’t injured.

 “I don’t feel safe walking and I don’t feel safe riding the train,” one resident said.

“They got to do something somebody’s got to step it up,” another added.

This is the second time in two weeks that debris has fallen from the elevated train line to the street. Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer called it an outrage.

“This has got to be fixed. The MTA has gotta get it right. We cannot afford to be here in two weeks, God forbid, talking about someone getting killed or injured on Roosevelt Avenue," Van Bramer said.

The last incident was only four blocks away. That time a piece of wood pierced a driver’s windshield.  The MTA said the wood was left over from construction but residents say debris falling from the tracks is not uncommon.

“Just a couple days ago I was standing on the corner and I saw this piece of rusted metal maybe like the size of a deck of cards or something like that and it fell and hit the floor and made a big noise and cracked into pieces,” one man said.

“All the time you see things flying from The tracks. Yes all the time but I have been blessed I haven't experienced what happened to the other two people but it’s still sad.  I’m very concerned about it,” said another woman.

In a statement the MTA said, "This is obviously very concerning and we're glad that no one was hurt. We take the safety of our customers, employees and neighbors very seriously - what this material is and where it came from is under investigation."

After the first incident transit president Andy Byford ordered a full inspection of the line. They were completed last week. So many were surprised to see this happen again.

“I think they need a pair of glasses. I mean truly what could they have looked at if they didn’t see this. It’s horrible,” said one resident.

Many here including local leaders are calling on the MTA to re-inspect the elevated line.