At first glance, Jack Hirschowitz seems like a typical runner.

But when you look closely, you notice something a little different. He jogs while juggling three small bean bags. It's the only way Hirschowitz runs.

"It's my thing, juggling and running: joggling," Hirschowitz said. 

A practicing psychiatrist, Hirschowitz has been joggling, as it's known, for around 25 years. He said he began while attending a juggling convention in Las Vegas, realizing it was the perfect fit. Since he was a child growing up in the African country of Namibia, Hirschowitz has had a thing for circus arts. 

"Juggling came first, although I ran most of my life but not that seriously," Hirschowitz said. "Juggling came first and then I started competing in races while juggling and then eventually I decided time to do longer runs."  

Those longer runs include some 16 marathons, including several New York City Marathons: 26.2 miles of running and juggling all at the same time. 

During races, Hirschowitz tries to stay to the side and out of the way. He said he only occasionally drops the beanbags, and when he does, he makes sure to pay attention to the rules of the sport. 

"There are two rules to juggling, only two," said Hirschowitz. "One is that if you drop the ball, you have to go back to where you dropped it, and two, the more important rule, you have to juggle for every step forward that you take."

Hirschowitz's wife and three kids all juggle. It's a requirement to be a member of his family, he joked. 

Late last month, he and his son joggled a marathon in Florida.

Hirschowitz told us he practices a lot, running and juggling six times a week, indoors and outdoors. It's a sight that often turns heads along the way. 

"People seem to enjoy it," Hirschowitz said. "I enjoy juggling. And chatting to people. And it brings a smile to people's faces and I like that."

The 73-year-old is planning to run another race next month, on his 74th birthday.  

"I have no plans to stop," Hirschowitz said. 

No plans to stop running and juggling.