Commuters will be happy to hear that the L Train is back and running after a “fuel smell” caused MTA officials to temporarily suspend service between Manhattan and Brooklyn from 9:30 a.m. to about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Two passengers reportedly fainted because of the odor while riding the L Train today.

The MTA determined the source of the problem to be heating oil that got on the Graham Avenue station tracks. The Fire Department says it's safe to take the train, but commuters say the damage is already done.

“I am going to be late to work,” said one frustrated commuter. “The transit situation is really, they really need to improve on things here.”

The MTA released a statement saying, “Both departments have confirmed that non-flammable heating oil from an external source had leaked onto the track…and the incident is completely unrelated to the L train project or any other MTA construction."

The MTA said despite a lingering odor, there was no threat to riders.

Crews are now trying to figure out where the heating oil came from. They have been checking to see if there are any underground tanks that could have ruptured around the station.  

Officials warn there could be more delays to come.