NEW YORK - If you think your Uber ride around the Big Apple is costing a bit more, you're not alone.

The company is raising prices to cover a minimum wage increase for its drivers and a new congestion surcharge.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is requiring all ride hailing apps to pay their drivers a minimum wage of $17.22.

Juno and Lyft are not paying the new minimum wage because they've filed suit against it.

That suit will be heard on March 18.

Uber is also charging the state's new congestion surcharge after a judge lifted the restraining order that had blocked the fee.

The city says the surcharge will officially take effect Saturday morning at 12 a.m.

For-hire vehicles must charge $2.75 to drive below 96th Street in Manhattan.

Taxis must charge $2.50, and shared rides will charge 75 cents.

Taxi drivers and owners are still suing over the surcharge, saying it will put many of them out of business.