As she tried to connect with Iowa voters, newly announced candidate for President of the United States Kirsten Gillibrand made her role as a mother a consistent theme.

During a packed two-day schedule, Gillibrand met Iowans in a variety of venues, from crowds who showed up at coffee houses and brew houses to more intimate, one-on-one conversations.

She often did as much listening as talking. And Iowans were quick to share with the New York Senator what they’re worried about.

One woman pressed Gillibrand on her immigration views, and liked what she heard.

“She’s here…It seems like she understands the problems that immigrants face,” the woman said.

Gillibrand’s biggest audience was at the Iowa Women’s March inside the State Capitol building, where she delivered the keynote address, and asked why women aren't equally represented in public office.

Later she toured local businesses, including one that made her campaign customized t-shirts. and a gourmet cookware store where she got hands-on in the kitchen, helping make cookies and even distribute some to reporters. Generally, her message was well-received.

She denounced President Trump while also highlighting her bipartisan work in the Senate as evidence she can bring people together. And she pointed to New York, where she represents mostly-red upstate areas and deep-blue downstate ones.

Because of the weather, Gillibrand cut her trip short, spending just two days here in Iowa. Nevertheless, it’s likely just one of many visits she’ll make between now and the all-important Iowa caucuses next February.    ​