Two separate groups were advocating for women's rights in the city Saturday.

Women's March NYC hosted a rally at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan while the Women's March Alliance held a march on the Upper West Side.

One group is accusing the other of anti-Semitism, while the other points to a lack of diversity.

Despite the split, participants in both factions say they're fighting for equality and human rights.

They also take issue with what they call hateful rhetoric from the president and the White House.

A number of protestors spoke out:

"Just the way he treated people and how demeaning he is to other people is just unacceptable to me."

"I think it's important for people to raise their voices. Coming together allows knowing who's with us, who's ready for the cause, and who's willing to support women.”

"We have a lot to say, and we have a right for our voices to be heard.”

"Anger, outrage trying to channel that human emotion, the sadness and trying to promote that and tap into that."

The original Women's March in 2017 drew hundreds of thousands of protesters, just a day after President Trump's inauguration.