The city isn’t taking any chances with this weekend’s storm, now downgraded to a wintry mix of light snow fall and rain.

Commissioners from several agencies gathered in a show of preparedness.

"Forecast has been changing so we are taking precautions a large part because of the uncertainty," City Commissioner Joseph Esposito said.

They're also taking extra precaution because of what happened last November when a storm brought the city that never sleeps to a grinding halt.

Many blamed much of it on the city’s response.

This time around they're getting ahead of the storm.

“We'll have 2,300 plows and spreaders available. We anticipate that those will roll in the afternoon tomorrow and will continue on through probably Monday," City Commissioner, Kathryn Garcia said.

On the street many people were preparing too.

"I'm just going to hunker down, cover up and eat some good food this weekend," one person said.

Although, for some it’s all a bit overkill and over the top.

"I’m ready. I grew up in northern Michigan so I’m ready for anything. Oh So this is nothing? This is nothing."

At the local hardware stores people were preparing for anything whatever Mother Nature brings.

Grabbing bags of salt and shovels of course.

"I just want to make sure that I’m prepared in case I have to get the car out," one person said.

And of course there are the people who are taking it all in stride.

We spoke with some who are planning to go about their business as if nothing big is happening this weekend.