When he's out snapping photos, it would be easy to mistake Jim Henderson for a tourist.

But Henderson is a New Yorker who lives in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, and he's not taking the photos for himself.  

The 70-year-old retiree's images are for anyone to see on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia written and edited by volunteers around the world - volunteers like Jim Henderson.

"I've always loved encyclopedias and I've always kinda had a hankering to be a writer," says Henderson. 

Henderson realized that Wikipedia needed more than writers. The encyclopedia needed photographers, too.

"Wikipedia doesn’t have many pictures,” Henderson said. “There’s a huge number of things where there are no pictures, so my picture will do."

Henderson uses apps that highlight locations with Wikipedia pages, and whether those pages have photos. Then, with his camera around his neck, he gets on his bicycle, pedals to them, and snaps away.

Henderson's story was first reported by The Queens Daily Eagle. On the day NY1 followed him, he took photos of the historic Flushing Town Hall in Queens, and the nearby St George's Episcopal Church, a congregation with roots in the 1700s.

While Henderson normally blends in while shooting landmarks, people sometimes stop him to ask what he's doing.

But Henderson doesn’t do the work for recognition, although his name does appear in tiny typeface at the bottom of each photo.

"I like being in the background,” Henderson said. “I spent 40 years in the background in the telephone business. I like being behind the scenes."

While Henderson doesn't make money off what he does, it has linked him to a network of other volunteers trying to make a difference.

Search for Henderson's name on Google, and his own Wikipedia page pops up. 

A Wikipedia photographer, with his own page in the online encyclopedia, because of all the photographs he's taken.