A Good Samaritan who returned $10,000 that he found on the subway met the very grateful woman who lost it today.

Aiya Tulemaganbetova says she was stressed out and panicked when she realized she got on the "1" train and left her purse and all that cash at the 66th Street subway station on December 20th.

She returned to the station, but the bag was gone.

What she didn't know at the time was that Richard Taverna saw the bag and all the cash inside it and turned it into the 20th precinct.

Officers got in touch with her business partner, Edward Mermelstein who then told her the good news.

"She was so excited, right off the bat when she found out the money was returned,” said Mermelstein. “She right away wanted to know who it was, how can I thank him, how can I meet him."

"I think you gotta do the right thing, you know. I mean, it wasn't mine and if I kept it and spent it, I wouldn't have felt good about it,” Taverna said. “So it was for me a no-brainer and probably for most people. I truly think most people would have turned it in."

The woman gave Taverna a statue from her native Kazakhstan as a present and also donated $1,000 to a children's charity in his name.