NEW YORK - Queens born Peter Alessandria lost his law business and had to decide what to do with the rest of my life. So he turned his passion of photography into his profession.

He says it was scary, but he knew it was the right choice.

Alessandria is completely self taught, and quickly realized he needed a business plan if he was going to build a successful photography career.

So he created a four point plan: Never give up, don't take anything personally and do at least one thing everyday to move your business forward. And finally, forgive yourself if you don't do number one two and three.

With that new mindset Alessandria started seeing more success. He has won more than 60 photography awards in the last four years and now travels the world as an official photographer for Fireworks by Grucci. He says before he started on this journey he couldn't even imagine entering a show, much less winning an award.

Alessandria has become known for his pictures of the moon behind New York City landmarks. He uses a lens that is like a telescope so it brings distant objects closer. He now gives lectures around the world, holds workshops and sells signed, framed limited edition prints of his work.

Alessandria says he began seeing success when he began to see himself differently, when he consciously and deliberately entertained thoughts that were empowering and positive.

His picture of a supermoon over the city has appeared in about two dozen newspapers around the world. Many of his favorites are in his latest book "New York CityScapes" and on his Instagram and Facebook page.

He says you can photograph New York City every day and get a different shot because of the weather, because of the light.

He says he loves the photography but if he can inspire somebody to be bigger than they think they are, to pursue their own dreams, that feels great. He wants everyone to figure out what their passion is and then find a way to monetize it.

He will be at B&H Photo on January 20.