A single bouquet of flowers lies inside the vestibule of the SoHo apartment building where the body of tech executive Colin Kroll was found early Sunday morning. 

Police sources say the 34-year-old creator of the popular HQ Trivia app died of a suspected drug overdose.

Many of those who knew Kroll shared their grief, using the medium that made his start-ups so successful. 

The co-creator of HQ TRIVIA, Rus Yusupov, tweeted:



The HQ TRIVIA *company* twitter account also posted.



After the news broke, Sunday’s HQ Trivia game was cancelled. Several of the game’s hosts, including Scott Rogowsky, took to social media to remember the man, who also created the video app Vine and worked at Twitter.



But not everyone was as kind, and some even blasted the millionaire online for his alleged drug use. 

Dr. Mark Edison, a clinical psychologist and addiction expert, never treated Kroll, but he says addiction can happen to anyone.

"I've never met a single person who wanted to run into trouble with their drug or alcohol use," Edison said.

But high-profile deaths linked to drugs can draw awareness to addiction issues and resources available for those seeking help. 

"Anybody who wants to make a change in their alcohol or other drug use is very likely to be able to," Edison said. :As long as you're not dead, there's hope for change."

As for fans of HQ Trivia, the game will go on. The next chance to play is 9 p.m. on Monday night.