It's a pretty simple process to make a delicious holiday favorite over at Breads Bakery in Union Square. You fry some dough, add fresh fillings, and toss some toppings on the tasty treat for good measure. And, to be sure, the bakers at Breads will be doing this a lot over the next week.

"We are making thousands a day, and it's just this constant flow of Sufganiyot," said Edan Leshnick, the pastry chef at Breads Bakery in Manhattan.

“Sufganiyot” is the Hebrew word for the donuts eaten around the world during the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

It's the story of the Jews victory over Syrian-Greeks, and rededication of the temple in Jerusalem, when a small amount of oil lasted for eight days. Jews commemorate the religious event by lighting candles, and eating foods cooked in oil, like donuts.

Breads Bakery, on 16th Street in Union Square, adds the doughy snacks to their menu earl, but Leshnick says these are a little different than the classic American donut.

"These have a little bit more vanilla inside, a little bit of zest, so you can actually feel more flavoring, more traditional of a European style donut," said Leshnick

The other big Hanukkah treats are potato pancakes, otherwise called Latkes. Breads Bakery only makes them for the holiday and will sell thousands of them this week. Similar to the donuts, the chefs here keep the recipe simple and traditional.

"We've got potatoes, onions, salt and pepper, a few eggs and some breadcrumbs, and that's it," the operations manager Kelly Jaques said. 

The folks at Breads say it can be a challenge, moving things around the kitchen and baking areas for the eight days.

"For the kitchen here, it's not too big of a change, but obviously for the Sufganiyot, since we make so many, we have to rearrange a lot back there, bring in our fryers, things like that, so people can feel the season is coming when they see the equipment roll in," Jaques said.

The only issue with these delicious Hanukkah treats, is do you have the latkes first and then the donuts, or perhaps you have the donuts first and eat the latkes as dessert? Either way they will be here through December 9 at Breads Bakery.