BROOKLYN, N.Y. -  On Friday, I took a spin on the floor of Factory Floor event space at Industry City which is transforming into the Dreamland Roller Rink.

It's the creation of boutique owner and entrepreneur Lola Star who has shops in Coney Island, Rockaway Beach and Staten Island.  

"It has been my dream since I was seven years old, to bring roller disco magic to the world," Star said.

And she has spent years trying. There was the first Dreamland Rink on the Coney Island Boardwalk in the old Childs Restaurant Building, now part of the Ford Ampitheatre. She moved on to successful summertime themed roller parties at the Prospect Park Rink. She even purchased a skate van to produce mobile skate parties around town.

This latest rink brings the party back inside, the first indoor rink to open in Brooklyn since the legendary Empire Rink closed more than a decade ago. There's just one other indoor rink left in town on Staten Island.  

"Other than that, this is the only place to roller skate in the winter," Star noted.

There are skating sessions Thursday through Saturday through April 21 for both adults and families. The location is familiar for Lola, who has had her studio for seven years in the former shipping warehouse complex, now home to a mulitude of businesses, including manufacturing, food, retail, and now, roller skating. 

"On the weekend Industry City would just be full of all of these people and I would just walk through the hallways and look at them and I'd think all of these people want to be on roller skates right now," Star said.

And that's okay with the folks here at Industry City, who welcome creative uses of the space inside their 16 waterfront buildings.

"It's an event space we use for different events, we do trade shows, sample sales and things like that, but now for the winter, the event is Lola," said Industry City Director of Development Jim Somoza.

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