Mayor de Blasio was in Washington on Thursday for an unprecedented meeting.

For the first time ever, hizzoner and the secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson sat down face to face.

The meeting lasted more than an hour.

The topic: the city's crumbling public housing.

The meeting comes a week before the federal government, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the city are required to tell a federal judge how they want to fix the city's struggling public housing system.

Last month, that federal judge rejected a proposed consent decree by the city and the feds to install a monitor to oversee the authority.

The judge said it wasn't good enough.

Now, the question may be will there be an all-out takeover of NYCHA.

It’s something called a receivership. It could be administered by the court or by the federal government.

For his part, de Blasio is opposed to it.

“A huge mistake for people of public housing and the people of this city,” de Blasio said. “It will take the decision making power somewhere else and we don't know what that would lead to.”

Neither HUD nor City Hall would tell us if receivership came up at Thursday's meeting.

They would only send us this statement:

"Mayor de Blasio expressed his commitment to preserving public housing in New York City for generations to come. Secretary Carson said that HUD would work closely with the City and the Housing Authority to ensure residents’ health and safety. The Mayor and Secretary agreed to continue their dialogue in the coming days.”

There are some in the Trump administration who think a federal takeover is a good idea. Lynne Patton, the Regional Administrator for the Federal Housing Department, has been taking to Twitter, blasting the conditions NYCHA tenants face.

She tweeted she favored a federal takeover, saying, "NYCHA has proven time & time again that it neither possesses the capacity, nor integrity, to run or fix itself."

It’s unclear as of this point whether Carson and the mayor will meet again in person before next week's deadline.