It's not just the swipe of a MetroCard that's about to go up in price.

The MTA also is also planning to raise the tolls at its bridges and tunnels.

Under the MTA's proposal, using one of the MTA's five major crossings, including the R.F.K. Triborough Bridge and Hugh Carey Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, will go up by one dollar, to $9.50.

Drivers who enjoy a discount by using E-ZPass will pay more, too.

The one-way toll on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge would go up two bucks, to $19.

The discounted tolls paid by E-ZPass holders and Staten Island residents would go up as well.

Increases are also planned at the MTA's three smaller crossings - the Henry Hudson, Marine Parkway and Cross Bay bridges.

"It could wind up end up being an extra $235 to drivers that are currently paying about $3,000 a year if they're using one of the MTA toll facilities twice a day," Robert Sinclair of AAA Northeast said.

Nearly 870,000 drivers use an MTA crossing on an average weekday - generating more than $2 billion a year in toll revenue, 12 percent of the MTA's budget.

"It does seem that whenever there is some sort of fiscal problem, that drivers are the path of first resort, not last resort for extra money," Sinclair said.

The MTA's board is expected to approve a final toll and fare hike plan in January.

The toll increase proposals for each MTA bridge and tunnel can be found on the MTA's website.