It's the year 2018, but one part of SoHo is taking things back to 1958.

As part of a promotion for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a pop-up Carnegie Deli is reopening at 201 Lafayette Street, starting Saturday and running through December 8.

The iconic deli closed its famed Midtown location in December 2016, but this pop-up version is taking New Yorkers back further in time. It will feature decor from 1958, the year in which The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is set. And it will also feature prices comparable to what prices were at the deli in 1958 - with two special sandwiches for 99 cents, cheesecake for 50 cents and more. 

The return of the 1958 Carnegie Deli got us thinking: what did other New York City experiences cost 60 years ago? We did some digging back in time.

Ride on the NYC subway - 15 cents

According to an Associated Press article, the fare for a ride on the New York City subway was 15 cents in 1958 - a far cry from the $2.75 it costs to ride the subway now (and possibly more by 2019!).

Cost of a Broadway ticket - $8.05

A December 1957 New York Times story on people who ordered Broadway tickets by mail mentioned an initial price of $7.50 for "West Side Story" orchestra tickets that later rose to $8.05. By comparison, the cheapest ticket available for a showing of "Hamilton" next Tuesday (December 11), according to Ticketmaster, is $330.

Cost of a baseball playoff ticket - $2.10 bleachers, $10.50 upper stand box seat

The Yankees won their 18th World Series title in 1958, and photos of some of the ticket stubs from games at Yankee Stadium in that World Series can be found on sites like eBay and Amazon. One ticket on eBay, for Game 5, displays a bleacher seat price of $2.10. Another on Amazon, an upper stand box seat for Game 4, displays a price of $10.50. 

The Yankees didn't make the World Series in 2018 - they were eliminated in the Division Series by the Red Sox. According to the website Bonanza, the price on the ticket for a grandstand seat (upper level, behind home plate) at the new Yankee Stadium cost $48. And that doesn't factor tickets sold on the "secondary market" (sites like StubHub) - where, according to the website TicketIQ, the average price for a ticket to a game in the series (including tickets in both Boston and New York) was $396 on the secondary market before the series started.

Gallon of gas (nationwide) - 30 cents

According to the Department of Energy, filling up at the pump cost, on average, 30 cents a gallon across the country in 1958. Today, AAA says the average price of gas across New York State is $2.81.

Movie ticket price (nationwide) - 68 cents

Gigi won the Oscar for the best film of 1958. According to the National Association of Theater Owners, the average ticket price across the country to see Gigi, or any other film in theaters that year, was 68 cents, a far cry from today's prices. Prices do vary today depending on where you are in New York City, but an adult ticket to see Creed II next week at a Regal theater in Union Square will cost you $17.40.