They say New Yorkers have strong opinions. Perhaps nobody knew what those opinions were better than Mickey Blum.

Blum was a pollster extraordinaire whose partnership with NY1 dated back more than 20 years.

Blum was a voracious consumer of news, and over her distinguished career, she measured public opinion on just about every matter of policy and politics.

Most recently, she surveyed New Yorkers on Mayor Bill de Blasio's presidential ambitions and the #MeToo movement.

At the firm she founded with Julie Weprin, Blum had countless other clients around the country. More recently, she also directed the Polling Institute at Baruch College, where she served on the faculty alongside Doug Muzzio.

"And the fun of it was sitting down with the cross-tabs when we got a NY1 poll, and we got the data,” said Muzzio. “And we would sit at the desk with the coffee, and just go back and forth…There was a joy in it."

Those who packed a service on Monday remembered Blum's dynamic personality and a generous spirit that informed her work.

Beyond her technical excellence, Blum strived to uncover the truth in the data and to give the public a voice in the process.

"To be comfortable with the numbers, the statistics, the projections, the poll, and then to be a nice human being on top of it--that's a lot,” said Borough President of Manhattan Gale Brewer.

Mickey Blum was 73. She is survived by her two daughters and four grandchildren.