The family of a construction worker is mourning after 44-year-old Over Paredes was killed while working on a site in Bedford Stuyvesant. Now, Eric Adams, the Brooklyn Borough President, is calling for an investigation into the work conditions there.

"A father and husband was lost in the incident and we want to make sure to determine if it was unavoidable at all," Adams said.

Police say Paredes, a day laborer, was working on a building on Myrtle Avenue on November 21, 2018 when a large piece of metal-framed wall fell on him.

Adams says it was due to wind knocking over the wall as well as the manual forklift that had hoisted it up.

Paredes brother and two of his sons were working on the site as well. His oldest son, 20-year-old Pierre Parades, struggled to get the wall off his dying father.

"I saw how he screamed and how he wanted to come out of that agony, but it was just too hard for us to help him," Pierre said.

Pierre Paredes says he believes negligence on the part of the subcontractor, Vescom, is to blame. He says the company's failure to address ongoing safety issues led to the accident.

And that's why Adams, along with Civil Rights Attorney Norman Seigel, is calling for a comprehensive investigation, not just in Brooklyn but for construction sites across the city, into safety standards.

In the meantime, the Parades family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral costs as they await some sort of resolution.

"It's imperative that we have a very thorough and comprehensive investigation, as Attorney Seigel stated, to find out what went wrong here and how do we alleviate, if not eradicate, these types of horrific incidents that take place on construction sites," Adams said.

NY1 reached out to Vescom, the subcontractor that had employed Over Parades for two years, but have yet to receive a response.