With temperatures plunging below freezing over the Thanksgiving holiday, some public housing tenants at the Grant Houses in Harlem say they've been suffering without heat.

Tenants say the outage has been ongoing for almost a week, but service has been restored to some apartments.

This comes as City Comptroller Scott Stringer served the city's housing authority a second subpoena to release all information related to their heating systems, including inspection and boiler repair reports.

He says NYCHA has been stalling his audit, which was first launched after last winter's widespread heating outages.

"I want every single piece of paper, every report, every managerial decision so we can get to the bottom of these outages that keep happening year after year year," Stringer said.

"You can place your hand on the radiator like this here. Just stand there and you don't even get hot. It's not good," a Grant Houses Tenant said.

Stringer says he’s prepared to take the agency to court.

In a statement, NYCHA tells NY1, "We’ve had teams out at Grant Houses round the clock to keep its aging heating plant running. While it’s been a challenging few days, outages have been fewer than last year, and restorations have been hours faster."