NEW YORK - Whether it's by plane, train or automobile, you won't be alone if you're planning to escape the city this Thanksgiving.

AAA is expecting the highest number of Thanksgiving travelers since 2005 as New Yorkers head to the city's transit hubs and roadways for the holiday weekend.

Fifty-four million Americans are expected to travel, with most of them hitting the road.

About two million will pass through the area airports.

At LaGuardia, things were running pretty smooth Thursday morning with no delays.

Travelers there were mostly positive.

"We've actually flown on this day before years past. It's actually not that bad if you take early flights. The earlier you get here, the better," said one air traveler.

"I usually don't travel on this day. I usually stay local but need to see some family," noted another air traveler.

Airlines are still recommending people get to their designated airports extra early too allow for any unexpected delays.

Amtrak says 140 of its trains will transport more than 750,000 travelers throughout New York this Thanksgiving week.

During one of the heaviest travel weeks of the year, the worst time to leave is today after 3 p.m., the best time is 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

For returning, the worst time is Sunday after 3 p.m. and the best time is Sunday at 6 a.m.  

As for the best mode of transportation, Amtrak spokesperson Jason Abrams says taking a train is the way to go.

"You could sit in comfort on a train instead of sitting in traffic we have large spacious seats, no middle seats. You can walk around freely. Also sometimes when you're flying you land a couple miles very much outside of a city. Here on a train you get to go downtown to downtown very easily," Abrams added.

Travelers are advised to book early, but trains have also been added to accommodate the numerous people headed in and out of the city.