Artist C. Finley has been transforming trash dumpsters into works of art with wallpaper all around the world since 2006. 

She says the concept is simple.

"If you can transform a dumpster into a work of art, you can do anything. And you inspired people to environment action, to put trash in the right the place," Finley said.

When the Lower East Side gallery, TOTH, invited Finley to have a solo exhibition with a dumpster inside the space, she decided it was time to transform the dumpster into the "The Givester," a place to make charitable donations.

Finley custom created the wallpaper for her TOTH showing so that it incorporates the Robin Hood Foundation's logo, as they'll be the ones getting all the donations she raises from her exhibition to the Rose F. Kennedy Center in the Bronx. It's a center that provides services for women and children in need, and mental health services.

And, in case you're wondering: it's definitely a real trash dumpster. While interviewing Finley, I noticed it smelled, and there were flies!

"We are transforming dumpsters into works of art which inspire people. It raises consciousness, and then we get more donations," Finley said.

The entire exhibition is called "Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love," and every piece is something that Finley is currently obsessed with. 

"It’s all things that are supposed to make you feel really good," Finley said. "I want people to wake up to these paintings and be like, 'aaaaah.'"

You can check out the Givester and the exhibit at the TOTH Gallery on Chrystie Street through November 21, 2018.