NEW YORK - Police in New York have announced a week-long crackdown on private trash collection vehicles.

The move comes after the NYPD conducted two spot inspections, where they say every trash truck stopped had multiple violations including faulty brakes, leaking fuel lines, and no lights.

"Since 2016, we attribute up to 20 fatalities to vehicles associated with this industry. These collisions often involve trucks not yielding to pedestrians and bicycles, traveling at excessive speed, sometimes in the wrong direction, and running red lights. When you factor in faulty equipment, such as worn out breaks, these 25-ton trucks become death traps," said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

The crackdown officially began Sunday night and will continue throughout the week.

During that time, officers will be deployed across the city to inspect private trash trucks and issue summonses for any traffic and equipment violations.

Overnight patrols will also be ramped up.