That's a real NYPD officer behind the turntables. 

At work, he's Lieutenant Acu Rhodes of the 78th Precinct. But many New Yorkers know him as DJ Ace, the cut lieutenant. 

"There were two individuals having a dispute, and when I arrived on the scene, I tried to get to the bottom of things. But immediately the person said, 'You are that officer, that DJ,' Rhodes says. "It kind of stopped the whole job and calmed things down."  

Rhodes had people on their feet their other day in Brooklyn at the Harvest Fest at Atlantic Terminal.

He says he first started DJ'ing when he was about 10 years old in Bedford-Stuyvesant. 

"My mother had a compact stereo," he says. "I was able to stand up on my tippy-toes, reach on top of the turntables and manipulate the record to try to imitate the scratches I heard on all of the hip hop records."

Up until about five years ago, he DJ'ed as a hobby, never really appearing in public.

"I didn't think I was good enough to be noticed, to be honest with you," Rhodes says. "I was just happy doing it behind the scenes."

That's until he took part in a cops-and-kids DJ battle, part of the NYPD's community policing outreach. 

When videos of him appeared on social media, hip hop and rap stars took notice. 

"To meet LL Cool J face to face, and once again he said 'Ace, I know who you are man,'" Rhodes says. "That was unbelievable. This was LL Cool J recognizing me."

And he's getting a lot of shoutouts from the public.

"First, they yell out, 'You are that cop DJ!' Some know my nickname, they say, 'DJ Ace, how are you doing?'" Rhodes says. "It is a great feeling."

Rhodes commands NYPD security at Barclays Center, where he had the opportunity to DJ at a Nets games. 

"The crowd was moving big time," he says. "I was playing a lot of classics. I am big into old school."

The lieutenant's popularity is continuing to grow, and so is his fan base with each party he DJs." 

"He is doing a wonderful job," said one person in the community. "People get up and enjoy it."

"I see the crowd and I am like, 'Something is going on today,' and I come and see NYPD on the turntables, that is a shocker,'" said another. "I like that. NYPD are human beings too." 

DJ Ace says for him, that's what it's all about.

"A lot of people have negative thoughts when they think about the police," he says. "Just look at me. I am originally from Brooklyn. I have 21 years on the police department. I am just a regular guy, just as regular as you can get. And if you see me out in the streets, you can see for yourself. Come and say hello.