Senator Charles Schumer is once again sounding the alarm about "doors off" helicopter flights.

This after the company Fly-NYON started offering special discounts on those flights this month while still under investigation for a deadly crash that happened earlier this year.

Five people were killed when one of the company's helicopters went down in the East River in March.

The harnesses that strap passengers into their seats may have prevented the victims from escaping.

Federal investigators are still looking into the crash.

Schumer is now calling for "doors off" flights to be suspended until the exact cause of the crash is determined.

"This can be dangerous. And I'm here to demand that Nyon stop flying until the FAA put out its rules, and the NTSB the federal safety agency completes its investigation into what has happened,” Schumer said.

The pilot of the helicopter was the only person who survived the crash because he was wearing less restrictive gear than the passengers.