Surveillance video that the correction officers' union released Wednesday from Rikers Island appears to show a young child being used to pass contraband during a visitation.

The video of the incident, which happened April 12, shows a woman sitting at a table holding the toddler before reaching down and putting something in the child's diaper.

She then passes the child to a male inmate, and then he can be seen taking something from the toddler's diaper and putting it in his clothes.

Moments later, security guards with a K-9 dog can be seen entering the room and separating the couple. It is unclear what the inmate took from the diaper.

"Over the last few years, we have been making great strides when it comes to stopping the flow of contraband into our jails. We have seen that what works best is a multilayered approach. Canine units, cameras, scanners, and of course human intelligence all create a web that is increasingly catching more contraband, and that is only good when it comes to safety," a spokesperson for the correction department said in a statement responding to the release of the video.