Two men were shot on a Bronx playground Wednesday and now parents are concerned for their childrens' safety.

The shooting happened during the afternoon at a basketball court inside the Mott Playground in Highbridge.

Police say a man shot an 18-year-old in the neck and a 20-year-old in the stomach.

They managed to flag down a police car and were taken to the hospital.

"I heard the gunshot, so I started running cause I was scared, so I grabbed my brother cause I was scared that they were going to do something to him," said one witness.

"This is where our children come to play, enjoy the benefits of the park. Do people cut through it? Probably yes. But it's a very good park and it should be kept that way and we'll do the best we can to provide the safety for the park," said NYPD Deputy Chief one Timothy McCormack.

Both victims are expected to survive.

Police are investigating whether the shooting was gang-related.