NEW YORK - There's a new push underway to move Madison Square Garden from its current spot above Penn Station.

The state is already working to improve Penn Station and expand it into the old Farley Post Office across Eighth Avenue.

But a civic group called the Public For Penn Station says the entire area around the station needs to be redeveloped.

That includes relocating the Garden.

The group says the city will have leverage to force the arena to move because the Garden's operating permit expires in 2023.

"The world-class facility that we need is going to require that. And so that's got to be on the table. And five years from now, we're going to have a debate here in the city, again about their permit. So that's an opportunity to think about," said Regional Plan Association President and CEO Tom Wright.

The Garden underwent a billion dollar renovation five years ago. 

A spokeswoman would only say MSG "supports the current plans to improve Penn Station."