Survivors of sex abuse are sharing their own stories on a series of flyers posted in Lower Manhattan.

It's all part of an initiative called #WhyIDidntReport.

On the flyers, victims tell their stories of sexual assault and explain whey they chose not to speak up against their attackers.

The project was created by two students at the School of Visual Arts.

Lorelai, one of the participants, says the experience has been theraputic for her and fellow survivors.

"I think just writing it down makes it really real, and there's a lot of shame and a lot of fault, and girls blame themselves. It's not a gray area, but it is," she said, "some of them are really touching and hard writings from real victims of sexual harassment or assault. Some of them are more support or even thank you messages for us to do it."

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump questioned why Brett Kavanaugh's accuser hadn't reported the alleged assault to authorities if it was "as bad as she says."

Christine Blasey Ford publically testified on Thursday, 36 years after she says Kavanaugh attempted to rape her.