The Brooklyn Heights Promenade could close for at least six years under one of the plans being floated by the city as it considers a major renovation project for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The proposal would involve a temporary roadway built over the promenade.

The project addresses the stretch between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street.

Two scenarios are under consideration for the project.

One involves an elevated temporary roadway which would mean closing the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for six years.

A second involves lane-by-lane closures during nights and weekends, which would impact traffic in the surrounding area.

Some residents aren’t taking well to the plans.

“Don’t shut down the Promenade, it’s just gorgeous, it’s beautiful, so many people run on it, so many people are there every single day,” one resident said.

“Whichever way is gonna bring, you know, less traffic,” another suggested.

A DOT official says putting the update off any longer is not an option.

The program would be scheduled to begin in 2020 or 2021.