A Brooklyn grandmother has been deported to Mexico without any notice to her family.

NY1 spoke with Gloria Hernandez Suarez's family, who told us her previous lawyer is to blame.

The family says Suarez was given a date for a hearing, but was told not to attend.

ICE would later arrest her at her home, and take her to a detention center.

“My mother is not a criminal,” said her daughter Nancy Aquino on the morning after the deportation. “The only thing she wanted was to be in this country with her family, with her kids, her grandchildren and her husband.”

Suarez arrived in the U.S. in 1985, raising four children in her new country and eventually babysitting her American grandkids. But, she landed on ICE’s radar after a 2001 return to Mexico when she re-entered the U.S. with a phony ID.

A group of angry protestors stood outside of the ICE headquarters Wednesday, demanding justice.

"I'm so sick of getting up here and having to say something because ICE chooses over and over and over  again to not do the right thing," one protester said.

Suarez was loaded on a plane and sent to Mexico without any notice Tuesday night.

Her husband, children and grandchildren are all U.S. citizens.