Today marks International Drug Overdose awareness day. Activists marched from the city morgue to Governor Cuomo's Manhattan office to bring attention to the rise in accidental overdoses.

They joined family members of those who have lost loved ones to overdose - demanding Cuomo take action and make combatting the epidemic a priority in the state budget.

"We need a strong public health campaign that deals with stigma and education, similar to some things we have seen here in New York City because this is a statewide issue.  And then, also really talking a stand around things like safer consumption spaces. We need them, and we need them statewide," an activist suggested.

"This is an epidemic and it has to stop. We have to bring real solutions" another added.

Unintentional overdoses have increased in the city over the past eight years, skyrocketing since 2015 in particular.

These deaths take the lives of more people than homicide, suicide and car crashes combined, across the five boroughs.