Times Square was buzzing on Tuesday when a swarm of bees was found on top of a hot dog stand.

"They were whirling around like a whirlpool," said a vendor named Ken, who witnessed the scene. "It was like, wow, I couldn't believe it."


An NYPD beekeeper ended up scooping up some 25,000 bees, which police said came from an overcrowded hive.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill said in a tweet that the bees were being handled "humanely, & safely."

Bee keeper Andrew Cote said police beat him to this job.

"The officer vacuumed the bees in a very low-suction vacuum specifically designed to pick up honey bees who have swarmed," Cote said.

He says while they may look dangerous, honeybees are relatively harmless. He says they have no interest in people.

That didn't stop some from trying their own methods β€” including dousing the bees in water β€” to get rid of the bees police weren't able to round up.

The rest of the honeybees have been relocated to Long Island, according to police.

This is not the first time bees have swarmed in Midtown. Back in 2015, they swarmed a bike at 56th Street and Seventh Avenue. A year later, a swarm was removed on Lexington Avenue near 42nd Street.