As the new school year fast approaches, Richard Carranza is preparing for his first year as chancellor.

He sat down exclusively with NY1 to chat about what changes he hopes to see.

His main focus is addressing inequities within the New York City public school system.

The chancellor has been quite outspoken on the issue of racial segregation in schools.

Carranza has already began tackling the matter by changing admissions policies at certain schools on the Upper West Side and parts of Brooklyn.

Whereas some critics feel as though he is pinning groups against each other, Carranza says some tough conversations need to be had that he has never pinned any group against another.

"I want to live in New York City the day that we say 'New York City is no longer the most segregated school system in America.' I think we can do that in New York City and that means we are going to have some very hard, challenging conversations, not only this coming year but in subsequent years but I think there is this sense I am getting from the people on the ground where there is this momentum that is building," Carranza said.

Other changes he has made include moving a few hundred of the city's homeless families to a shelter closer to their children's schools this summer.