Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were in the city Friday to spread their message of gun violence prevention.

They hosted a town hall Friday night at the New York Society for Ethical Culture on the Upper West Side.

It was an opportunity to rally against the National Rifle Association and get young people registered to vote.

Students say their overall goal is to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. 

"We need to know that this isn't going to stop happening until we act," said Matt Dietsch, whose brother and sister survived the shooting. "I've had politicians tell me that thoughts and prayers are enough. We need to think, pray and act. We need actual policy that is going to stop the violence, and we need more young people to stand up before it happens to them." 

In June, the students kicked off their "Road to Change" tour in Chicago, and plan to travel to more than 20 states to spread their message.